Caulfeild Family

John Caulfeild1692

John Caulfeild
Name prefix
Birth about 1692 31

Birth of a brotherWilliam Caulfeild
about 1694 (Age 2 years)

Death of a fatherJohn Caulfeild
1707 (Age 15 years)
Death of a motherSydney Somerville
July 4, 1725 (Age 33 years)
Shared note

May be the John Caulfield (sic) recorded as a Lieut. in his uncle Toby’s regiment in 1705. May have died in the Spanish expedition in which the regiment suffered heavy losses. Birth date based on this. Alternatively, may be the John Caulfield recorded in col Blakeney’s regiment as an Ensign in 1705, then Captain in 1736, with no record after 1742.