Caulfeild Family

George CaulfeildAge: 58 years15451603

George Caulfeild
Name prefix
Birth about 1545 25
of Oxford

Birth of a sisterMary Caulfeild
1553 (Age 8 years)
Baptism of a sisterMary Caulfeild
October 12, 1553 (Age 8 years)
Birth of a sisterAnne Caulfeild
1554 (Age 9 years)
Baptism of a sisterAnne Caulfeild
November 26, 1554 (Age 9 years)
Birth of a brotherRichard Caulfeild
1556 (Age 11 years)
Baptism of a brotherRichard Caulfeild
February 16, 1555/56 CE (February 26, 1556) (Age 11 years)
Birth of a sisterFrances Caulfeild
1557 (Age 12 years)
Baptism of a sisterFrances Caulfeild
April 2, 1557 (Age 12 years)
Birth of a sisterDorothy Caulfeild
1558 (Age 13 years)
Baptism of a sisterDorothy Caulfeild
November 8, 1558 (Age 13 years)
Birth of a brotherAlexander Caulfeild
1561 (Age 16 years)
Death of a brotherAlexander Caulfeild
1561 (Age 16 years)
Baptism of a brotherAlexander Caulfeild
July 7, 1561 (Age 16 years)
Burial of a brotherAlexander Caulfeild
July 12, 1561 (Age 16 years)
Birth of a sisterJane Caulfeild
1563 (Age 18 years)
Baptism of a sisterJane Caulfeild
March 16, 1562/63 CE (March 26, 1563) (Age 18 years)
Birth of a brotherAnthony Caulfeild
1564 (Age 19 years)
Baptism of a brotherAnthony Caulfeild
October 12, 1564 (Age 19 years)
Birth of a brotherToby Caulfeild
December 1565 (Age 20 years)
Baptism of a brotherToby Caulfeild
December 2, 1565 (Age 20 years)
Birth of a brotherThomas Caulfeild
1567 (Age 22 years)
Baptism of a brotherThomas Caulfeild
September 1, 1567 (Age 22 years)
Birth of a sisterHester Caulfeild
1568 (Age 23 years)
Baptism of a sisterHester Caulfeild
September 12, 1568 (Age 23 years)
MarriageMartha TavernerView this family
about 1576 (Age 31 years)

Birth of a daughter
Dorothy Caulfeild
November 1577 (Age 32 years)
Baptism of a daughterDorothy Caulfeild
November 25, 1577 (Age 32 years)
Birth of a son
Alexander Caulfeild
November 1579 (Age 34 years)
Baptism of a sonAlexander Caulfeild
November 29, 1579 (Age 34 years)
Birth of a son
Arthur Caulfeild
October 1580 (Age 35 years)
Birth of a daughter
Alice Caulfeild
about 1580 (Age 35 years)

Baptism of a sonArthur Caulfeild
October 23, 1580 (Age 35 years)
Death of a fatherAlexander Caulfeild or Calfhill
March 31, 1581 (Age 36 years)
Burial of a fatherAlexander Caulfeild or Calfhill
March 31, 1581 (Age 36 years)
Birth of a daughter
Catherine Caulfeild
September 1582 (Age 37 years)
Baptism of a daughterCatherine Caulfeild
September 17, 1582 (Age 37 years)
Birth of a son
Thomas Caulfeild
March 1584 (Age 39 years)
Baptism of a sonThomas Caulfeild
March 22, 1584 (Age 39 years)
Reference numberMartha TavernerView this family

Marriage of a parentThomas StauntonAnne UnknownView this family
May 27, 1584 (Age 39 years)
Birth of a daughter
Mary Lettice Caulfeild
May 1585 (Age 40 years)
Baptism of a daughterMary Lettice Caulfeild
May 25, 1585 (Age 40 years)
Birth of a son
Henry Caulfeild
October 1586 (Age 41 years)
Baptism of a sonHenry Caulfeild
October 18, 1586 (Age 41 years)
Birth of a son
William Caulfeild
October 1587 (Age 42 years)
Baptism of a sonWilliam Caulfeild
October 8, 1587 (Age 42 years)
Birth of a daughter
Margaret Caulfeild
January 1588/89 CE (January 1589) (Age 44 years)
Baptism of a daughterMargaret Caulfeild
January 17, 1588/89 CE (January 27, 1589) (Age 44 years)
Birth of a daughter
Elizabeth Caulfeild
April 1590 (Age 45 years)
Baptism of a daughterElizabeth Caulfeild
April 12, 1590 (Age 45 years)
Death of a motherAnne Unknown
December 1591 (Age 46 years)
Burial of a motherAnne Unknown
December 10, 1591 (Age 46 years)
Death October 1603 (Age 58 years)
Burial October 15, 1603 (Age 58 years)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: about 1544
2 years
9 years
younger sister
2 years
younger sister
3 years
younger brother
2 years
younger sister
2 years
younger sister
4 years
younger brother
Alexander Caulfeild
Birth: 1561 41Great Milton Manor, Oxfordshire
Death: 1561Great Milton Manor, Oxfordshire
3 years
younger sister
2 years
younger brother
2 years
younger brother
Capt. Sir Toby Caulfeild 1st Baron CharlemontToby Caulfeild
Birth: December 1565 45Great Milton Manor, Oxfordshire
Death: August 17, 1627Hoggen Green, Dublin
2 years
younger brother
2 years
younger sister
Mother’s family with Thomas Staunton - View this family
Marriage: May 27, 1584Oswestry, Shropshire
Family with Martha Taverner - View this family
Marriage: about 1576
23 months
2 years
1 year
3 months
3 years
19 months
15 months
18 months
13 months
16 months
16 months

Shared note

Born, it is supposed, in Shropshire before the family moved to Great Milton. First recorded as being at Christ Church, Oxford, in 1561, possibly arranged through his uncle James there, who was his tutor. A law student there in 1564, he obtained BA on 25 June 1567. Lecturer in dialectic 1567 to 1580. Called to Gray's Inn in 1568; a Barrister there in 1581, appointed Autumn Reader in 1597 and a Bencher on 15 November 1598. MP for Chipping Wycombe 1584-5. One of two MPs for Oxford in five succesive Parliaments of Elizabeth 1st; 1586-7 (with Francis Knolles), 1588-9 (with the now Sir Francis Knolles), 1593 (with Sir Edmund Carye), 1597-8 (with Anthony Bacon), and 1601 (with Francis Leigh). In September 1586 he was elected a second Burgess for Oxford. From that date he "gained no little sum" by acting as the representative of the City when Oxford had business at the Law Courts in London. A member of Oxford Mayor's Council 1591-1603 and Recorder there 1596-9, he was a Freeman of Oxford and also Justice of the Peace there. He was also a Judge of Assize for Wales. We have no date for his marriage to Martha Taverner, of the village of Woodeaton north of Oxford, but we do know that her sister Penelope Petty "died of grief" during imprisonment at Charlemont Fort in 1641/42, during the time of the O'Neill's recapture of the Fort. From about 1578 his residence appears to have been Perilous Hall in Horsmonger Street, now Broad Street, Oxford. The derivation of this name being the fact that it had been built by Richard D'Angerfield. This was demolished in 1615 and replaced by Kettell Hall, now part of Trinity College. He died intestate, administration of his estate being granted to his son and heir Alexander on 5 May 1604.

The definition of a Recorder, copied from the online version of the Oxford English Dictionary: "Formerly, a certain magistrate or judge having criminal and civil jurisdiction in a city or borough. Now, in England and Wales, a barrister or solicitor appointed as a part-time judge presiding esp. over certain Crown Courts (see quot. 1971). The Recorder was originally a person with legal knowledge appointed by the mayor and aldermen to 'record' or keep in mind the proceedings of their courts and the customs of the city, his oral statement of these being taken as the highest evidence of fact. (See Riley Munimenta Gildhallae I. 42-3.) The Recorder of London, to whom most of the early evidence refers, is still appointed by the court of aldermen; elsewhere the appointment is made by the crown, the duties of the office being regulated by the Municipal Corporations Act of 5 and 6 William IV and subsequent enactments."

From the Victoria County History of Oxford, Vol 4: "It seems that from the 1580s onwards the city relied increasingly on another barrister, George Calfield, who was the town's M.P. from 1586 and was made a member of the inner council. From Calfield's time it became the custom for the recordership to be linked to the city's representation in parliament."