Caulfeild Family

Thomas CaulfeildAge: 60 years16311690/91 CE

Thomas Caulfeild
Name prefix
Birth 1631 43 31

of Donamon

Birth of a brotherJohn Caulfeild
about 1632 (Age 12 months)

Birth of a sisterMargaret Caulfeild
about 1633 (Age 2 years)

Death of a maternal grandfatherJohn King
January 4, 1636/37 CE (January 14, 1637) (Age 6 years)
Burial of a maternal grandfatherJohn King
March 30, 1637 (Age 6 years)
Death of a fatherWilliam Caulfeild
December 4, 1640 (Age 9 years)
Burial of a fatherWilliam Caulfeild
December 1640 (Age 9 years)
Death of a brotherToby Caulfeild
January 6, 1641/42 CE (January 16, 1642) (Age 11 years)
Death of a brotherRobert Caulfeild
January 1, 1643/44 CE (January 11, 1644) (Age 13 years)

Marriage bannsAnne MooreView this family
July 11, 1657 (Age 26 years)
MarriageAnne MooreView this family
July 22, 1657 (Age 26 years)
Death of a brotherGeorge Caulfeild
June 1658 (Age 27 years)
Death of a motherMary King
July 1663 (Age 32 years)

Burial of a motherMary King
August 1663 (Age 32 years)
Birth of a son
William Caulfeild
1664 (Age 33 years)

Death of a sisterMary Caulfeild
January 24, 1668 (Age 37 years)

Burial of a sisterMary Caulfeild
January 25, 1668 (Age 37 years)
Birth of a daughter
Sarah Caulfeild
1670 (Age 39 years)
Birth of a son
Toby Caulfeild
1671 (Age 40 years)
Death of a brotherWilliam Caulfeild
April 1671 (Age 40 years)

Burial of a brotherWilliam Caulfeild
May 25, 1671 (Age 40 years)
Death of a wifeAnne Moore
December 3, 1672 (Age 41 years)

Burial of a wifeAnne Moore
December 3, 1672 (Age 41 years)
Death of a brotherJohn Caulfeild
before 1676 (Age 45 years)

Death of a sisterAnne Caulfeild
1682 (Age 51 years)
Death of a sisterMargaret Caulfeild
before 1685 (Age 54 years)

Reference numberAnne MooreView this family

Marriage of a childWilliam CaulfeildLettice GoreView this family
about 1689 (Age 58 years)

Death 1690/91 CE (1691) (Age 60 years)

Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: about 1620
22 months
elder brother
Toby Caulfeild 3rd Baron CharlemontToby Caulfeild
Birth: October 1621 34 21Dublin
Death: January 6, 1641/42 CE (January 16, 1642)Castle of Kinard, Co Tyrone
15 months
elder brother
2 years
elder sister
2 years
elder brother
2 years
elder sister
5 years
elder brother
3 years
2 years
younger brother
2 years
younger sister
Family with Anne Moore - View this family
Marriage: July 22, 1657St.Catherine and St.James, Dublin
7 years
7 years
2 years

Shared note

This first Thomas of Donamon. Educated at Westminster School under Dr Busby, from which he matriculated in 1645 and entered Magdalene College, Cambridge, as a pensioner on 6 June that year. A Master in Chancery from 29 March 1655 to 26 February 1660. A member and signatory of the council of officers who defied Edmund Ludlow’s attempts to impose parliamentarianism upon Ireland in 1659. Elected MP for Newtonards, Co Down, in the 1660 Convention of Ireland, which sat in February, March and May 1660 and January 1661 before being disbanded by King Charles 2nd in that month. MP for Charlemont 1661-1665. Vice President of Connaught 1666. Attainted by King James 2nd in 1689 and his estates sequestrated but returned to him after the accession of William and Mary.

His marriage to Anne, daughter of Charles Moore, 2nd Viscount Drogheda, was published in Newgate market on 11th, 15th and 22nd July 1657.

Donamon Castle, Co Roscommon, is said to be the oldest inhabited castle in Ireland, first recorded in 1154. The property of the King family, it was leased to Thomas Caulfeild by his first cousin Sir Robert King in 1668 for a period of 500 years. The property passed directly down to three further sons, but was then left to a cousin John, fourth son of the Rev Charles Caulfeild, Rector of Donaghenry, and remained with that branch of the family until abandoned by Algernon Caulfeild in 1926 due to the high cost of upkeep. Occupied by the IRA in 1932, and abandoned for many years. It is now a holiday centre run by the Irish Wheelchair Association.

Shared note

Marriage Date: 22 JUL 1657 Place: London«s70»