Caulfeild Family

William 2nd Viscount Charlemont

William CaulfeildAge: 71 years16551726

William Caulfeild
Name suffix
2nd Viscount Charlemont
Name prefix
Maj-Gen.the Rt-Hon.
Birth about 1655 31 39
Birth of a brotherToby Caulfeild
about 1656 (Age 12 months)
Birth of a sisterMary Caulfeild
about 1659 (Age 4 years)
Birth of a brotherJohn Caulfeild
1661 (Age 6 years)

Birth of a sisterAlice Caulfeild
about 1661 (Age 6 years)
Birth of a sisterElizabeth Caulfeild
about 1662 (Age 7 years)
Death of a paternal grandmotherMary King
July 1663 (Age 8 years)

Death of a fatherWilliam Caulfeild
April 1671 (Age 16 years)

Death of a motherSarah Moore
1672 (Age 17 years)

MarriageAnne MargetsonView this family
11 July 1678 (Age 23 years)
Birth of a daughter
Anne Caulfeild
January AD 1678/79 (January 1679) (Age 24 years)

Baptism of a daughterAnne Caulfeild
20 January AD 1678/79 (30 January 1679) (Age 24 years)

Birth of a son
William Caulfeild
1681 (Age 26 years)

Baptism of a sonWilliam Caulfeild
28 April 1681 (Age 26 years)
Birth of a son
James Caulfeild
1682 (Age 27 years)

Baptism of a sonJames Caulfeild
29 July 1682 (Age 27 years)

Birth of a son
Toby Caulfeild
1683 (Age 28 years)
Baptism of a sonToby Caulfeild
6 November 1683 (Age 28 years)
Birth of a son
Thomas Caulfeild
1685 (Age 30 years)
Death of a sonToby Caulfeild
March AD 1684/85 (March 1685) (Age 30 years)
Baptism of a sonThomas Caulfeild
26 March 1685 (Age 30 years)

Burial of a sonToby Caulfeild
18 March AD 1684/85 (28 March 1685) (Age 30 years)
Birth of a son
Charles Henry Caulfeild
27 December 1686 (Age 31 years)
Baptism of a sonCharles Henry Caulfeild
27 December 1686 (Age 31 years)

Birth of a daughter
Sarah Caulfeild
April 1688 (Age 33 years)
Baptism of a daughterSarah Caulfeild
28 April 1688 (Age 33 years)
Birth of a son
John Caulfeild
June 1689 (Age 34 years)
Baptism of a sonJohn Caulfeild
24 June 1689 (Age 34 years)
Birth of a daughter
Mary Caulfeild
October 1690 (Age 35 years)
Baptism of a daughterMary Caulfeild
21 October 1690 (Age 35 years)
Death of a sonWilliam Caulfeild
October 1691 (Age 36 years)
Burial of a sonWilliam Caulfeild
27 October 1691 (Age 36 years)
Birth of a daughter
Alicia Caulfeild
December 1691 (Age 36 years)
Baptism of a daughterAlicia Caulfeild
16 December 1691 (Age 36 years)
Death of a daughterAlicia Caulfeild
January AD 1691/92 (January 1692) (Age 37 years)
Burial of a daughterAlicia Caulfeild
5 January AD 1691/92 (15 January 1692) (Age 37 years)
Death of a sisterElizabeth Caulfeild
1694 (Age 39 years)

Birth of a son
Henry Charles Caulfeild
June 1697 (Age 42 years)
Baptism of a sonHenry Charles Caulfeild
17 June 1697 (Age 42 years)
Reference numberAnne MargetsonView this family

Marriage of a childJohn DavisAnne CaulfeildView this family
10 April 1699 (Age 44 years)
Birth of a daughter
Letitia Caulfeild
July 1699 (Age 44 years)
Birth of a daughter
Alice Caulfeild
July 1699 (Age 44 years)
Baptism of a daughterLetitia Caulfeild
6 July 1699 (Age 44 years)
Baptism of a daughterAlice Caulfeild
6 July 1699 (Age 44 years)
Death of a brotherJohn Caulfeild
1707 (Age 52 years)
Burial of a brotherJohn Caulfeild
7 July 1707 (Age 52 years)

Marriage of a childOliver AncketillSarah CaulfeildView this family
28 February AD 1716/17 (11 March 1717) (Age 62 years)
Death of a sonThomas Caulfeild
2 March AD 1716/17 (13 March 1717) (Age 62 years)
Burial of a sonThomas Caulfeild
March AD 1716/17 (March 1717) (Age 62 years)
Death of a brotherToby Caulfeild
25 June 1718 (Age 63 years)
Burial of a brotherToby Caulfeild
28 June 1718 (Age 63 years)
Marriage of a childHenry Charles CaulfeildAnne Mary GunningView this family
about 1722 (Age 67 years)

Marriage of a childJames CaulfeildElizabeth BernardView this family
17 January AD 1722/23 (28 January 1723) (Age 68 years)
Marriage of a childJohn MooreMary CaulfeildView this family
2 July 1724 (Age 69 years)
Death of a sisterMary Caulfeild
8 August 1724 (Age 69 years)
Burial of a sisterMary Caulfeild
1724 (Age 69 years)
Death 21 July 1726 (Age 71 years)
Burial 26 July 1726 (5 days after death)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: 1653
2 years
elder brother
2 years
2 years
younger brother
4 years
younger sister
3 years
younger brother
1 year
younger sister
2 years
younger sister
Family with Anne Margetson - View this family
Marriage: 11 July 1678St.Michan, Dublin
7 months
3 years
2 years
2 years
3 years
Maj. the Hon. Thomas CaulfeildThomas Caulfeild
Birth: 1685 30 28England
Death: 2 March AD 1716/17 (13 March 1717)Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
2 years
16 months
15 months
17 months
15 months
Alicia Caulfeild
Birth: December 1691 36 34Dublin
Death: January AD 1691/92 (January 1692)Dublin
6 years
2 years
1 month

Shared note

The first record we have is his marriage in 1678.

On St Michaels Day 29 September 1681 he issued via the Primate a commission to the Bishop of Killala for the building of a church at Castlecaulfeild village. By 1685 this was complete, and was consecrated on 9 September 1687. The family crest is displayed over the door to the tower. The six pieces of communion silver were given by members of the family, hall-marked 1681 and with various inscriptions referring to Viscount and Viscountess Charlemont, and Capt Toby and Ensign John Caulfeild his younger brothers. During this time his lordship is recorded as living at his father's 'jointure' house in the village, subsequently known as Castlecaulfeild House.

A great promoter of the Revolution and friend to the Protestant cause. Between 1685 and 1689 he took up arms against the Catholic King James 2nd on behalf of William of Orange, and on 7 May 1689 was 'attainted' by Parliament (which he did not attend) and his lands, valued at £500 per year, sequestered. Fort Charlemont had fallen into the Royalist's hands in 1688, and twice visited by the King in 1689. Given that his son John was born in Chester, it is likely that he moved his family to England during this difficult time, as did many others. However in that same year the King died, and the Protestant William of Orange claimed the throne. William was immediately pardoned, and given a commission as Captain of a new Regiment of Foot raised by his cousin the Earl of Kingston, and made Governor of Fort Charlemont after its dramatic recapture by Schomberg in 1690. During these campaigns Castle Caulfeild was burnt for the second time. In 1692 William's estates were returned to him and he was appointed Governor and Custos Rotulorum of Counties Armagh and Tyrone.

He took his seat in the Irish House of Lords on 5 October 1692, where his activities are recorded, including in 1692 being selected to prepare an address to the Lord-lieutenant to recommend the stationing of men-of-war on the coasts, and in 1695 to prepare a bill against the inheritance of Protestant estates by Papists.

On 23 Apr 1694 King William appointed him Colonel of a newly raised Regiment of Foot in Ireland under his name. This regiment was disbanded in 1697 and he was placed on half pay. On 9 June 1697 he was admitted to the Kings Inns, Dublin. Also appointed a Burgess of Charlemont in the same year.

On 28 Jun 1701 King William again appointed him to the command of a new Regiment under his name. This was raised in Ireland, and many recruits were obtained from his Lordship's estates in Armagh and Tyrone, with headquarters in Armagh in 1701. At the outbreak of the War of the Spanish Succession in 1702, by a Royal Warrant of 1 June that year, the regiment was allocated for sea service. He accompanied them as their Colonel on the failed attempt to capture Cadiz, sailing from Portsmouth in July 1702 on the ‘Grey’.

The regiment was subsequently sent thence to the West Indies, but he was given leave of absence by Queen Anne, along with his son Ensign Thomas and cousin Tobias (Chaplain), from accompanying them and returned to Britain. Captain Thomas Alnutt commanded the regiment in the West Indies and returned with it to Ireland in 1704.

On 25 August 1704 he was promoted to Brigadier-General.

In 1705 the regiment was reformed in Dublin, once again under his command. In March they proceeded to Kinsale and thence to Portsmouth to join the Earl of Peterborough’s fleet for Spain. In May the fleet sailed to Lisbon, arriving on 20 June, leaving again for Gibraltar on 28 July and arrving at Barcelona on 22 August. The regiment saw service at the siege and capture of Barcelona, where he served with distinction. At the attack on the citadel of Monjuich on 14 September he was one of the first to march into the fort at the head of his men, and received for his conduct the special thanks of the King of Spain. However, Peterborough was critical of his actions and contrived to have him removed, prompting an official complaint by his lordship. On 10 May 1706 he was replaced as Colonel of the regiment by Thomas Alnutt. It is thus thought that he was not present when the regiment fought at the disastrous Battle of Almanza on 25 April 1707, as part of Hill’s Brigade, and was virtually annihilated.

On 21 April 1708 he was promoted to Major-General and called to the Privy Council in Ireland of Queen Anne.

In May 1709 he was one of the the committee appointed to draw up an address of condolence to Her Majestey on the decease of Her Royal Consort Prince George of Denmark, and also to congratulate the Queen on the success of her arms.

He was appointed a Portrieve of Charlemont in 1711 and 1717.

In May 1726 he was called to the Privy Council in Ireland of King George 1st.

At his death two months later he was described as "the oldest of George 1st's nobles".

In 1751 the regiment was given the numeric title of 36th Regiment of Foot, later whilst on the Irish Establishment during the American War it received its old county title of 'Herefordshire', and in 1881 became the 2nd Battalion Worcestershire Regimen

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Marriage Date: 11 JUL 1678

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