Caulfeild Family

Elizabeth Margaret BrowneAge: 77 years18011878

Elizabeth Margaret Browne
Birth 1801 39

MarriageHenry Francis CaulfeildView this family
August 30, 1819 (Age 18 years)
Birth of a son
James Molyneux Caulfeild
October 3, 1820 (Age 19 years)
Baptism of a sonJames Molyneux Caulfeild
October 30, 1820 (Age 19 years)
Birth of a son
Henry William Caulfeild
April 25, 1822 (Age 21 years)
Baptism of a sonHenry William Caulfeild
June 1, 1822 (Age 21 years)
Birth of a daughter
Zoe Margaret Caulfeild
April 6, 1824 (Age 23 years)

Baptism of a daughterZoe Margaret Caulfeild
May 17, 1824 (Age 23 years)
Reference numberHenry Francis CaulfeildView this family

Marriage of a childJohn Calvert StrongeZoe Margaret CaulfeildView this family
September 14, 1848 (Age 47 years)
Marriage of a childJames Molyneux CaulfeildElizabeth SomervilleView this family
December 18, 1856 (Age 55 years)
Note: St Mary, Dublin
Death of a husbandHenry Francis Caulfeild
March 4, 1862 (Age 61 years)
Burial of a husbandHenry Francis Caulfeild
March 8, 1862 (Age 61 years)
Death of a sonHenry William Caulfeild
February 28, 1867 (Age 66 years)
Burial of a sonHenry William Caulfeild
March 6, 1867 (Age 66 years)
Death October 20, 1878 (Age 77 years)
Burial October 24, 1878 (4 days after death)
Family with parents - View this family
Family with Henry Francis Caulfeild - View this family
Marriage: August 30, 1819St Mark, Dublin
13 months
19 months
Henry William Caulfeild
Birth: April 25, 1822 42 2131 Merrion Square North, Dublin
Death: February 28, 1867Mount Temple, Clontarf, Dublin
23 months

Shared note

Second daughter of Lt Dodwell Browne RN, of Raheens, Castlebar, Co Mayo, and Maria, dau of Sir Neale O'Donnell of Newport, Co Mayo. Dodwell Browne was the son of Dodwell Browne, younger brother of the 1st Baron Kilmaine (who had married Henry Caulfeild's aunt Alice) and Elizabeth, the sister of James Cuff, Baron Tyrawley.

She became the adopted daughter of Sir Capel Molyneux, Bart, of Castledillon, Co Armagh, her mother and Sir Capel's wife, Margaret, being sisters. She was thus kin to the famous St Columba, whose Psalter, commonly called the Cathach, was for long centuries the most treasured possession of the O'Donnells of Tir Conaill, by whom it was often carried into battle. It was greatly venerated by the clan but was removed from Ireland by Daniel O'Donnell who, having raised a regiment in support of King James 2nd, fled to France following the King's defeat, where he later attained the rank of Brigadier in the French Army. He died without issue in 1735, and the Psalter and its shrine remained on the continent until about 1802 when it was discovered by Elizabeth Browne, who reported this to the then head of the O'Donnell family. The manuscript and casket were later returned to Ireland and eventually deposited in the Royal Irish Academy.